Founded by
Chris David Charman

My SMP journey started when I felt unconfident and paranoid about my appearance. In 2017, I decided to have a hair transplant, and although it reduced the visibility of my receding hairline, my hair was nowhere near as thick as I would have liked.  

As time went on, I noticed more thinning areas appearing on my scalp and so decided to shave my head. Unfortunately, I now felt I looked older than my age due to the patchy appearance of my hair.  

Whilst scanning the internet for new ideas, I found images of someone who had received SMP treatment. It was amazing how different, more confident, younger and happier the guy looked afterwards. With my attention now focused, and my interest sparked, I started looking for more.  The search had begun for an SMP treatment company that looked professional, worked professionally and gave me the confidence to have my treatment there.  

Along my journey, I’ve learnt so many lessons about what is necessary and required for a successful SMP clinic.  At Chris David, we pride ourselves on providing a place where you will feel at ease, are assured that we understand your needs, care about you, and the reasons that have brought you to our SMP treatment clinic.   

Why choose us?  

“The confidence, peace of mind, and assurance that I want to offer, to change people’s lives, is what inspired me to make a change to my life and, most importantly, to help you change yours.” 

Best wishes, Chris