Frequently asked questions

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (or SMP), is a cosmetic treatment that replicates male and female hair follicles to build density, hairlines and camouflage scar tissue on the scalp. Similar to a tattoo, a needle gun is used to place pigment into the skin.  The process takes place over 3-4 sessions, each lasting around 2-3 hours depending on the size and density of area being treated.  This gradual process allows us to manage and track how each individual’s scalp adapts to the pigment, whilst allowing you time to adapt to your new look.


SMP treatment will last forever. However, there are factors that contribute to the overall look. UV exposure is one of the main factors which can make the SMP fade slightly over time. I would recommend a touch-up session every 4-6 years.  When the SMP starts to fade slightly we can also soften the colour to keep it in line with your natural hair colour change as you age.

Yes. Many people have undergone hair transplant procedures which have not achieved the desired results. In which case, they have turned to Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment to create a thicker look to any areas of thinning hair.
Clients who have head scars of any type ( including those from Hair Transplants) can also benefit  from SMP as we are able to blend the scar tissue into the hairline.  Please see our gallery and service pages for more information and examples.

The majority of people that have received SMP have felt no discomfort whatsoever.  People have actually likened the feeling to a head massage and have been known to even fall asleep during the treatment!  The very worst case scenario for an extremely small number, maybe a feeling of minor discomfort during the procedure.

No. SMP uses a different technique to a regular tattoo. Treatments of SMP use specialist pigment that has only been created for use on the scalp and is not tattoo ink.  I would recommend to only receive SMP treatment from a trained specialist and to avoid tattoo parlours as the process is also very different to ensure no discolouration or pigment spread.  The needles do not go as deep as a tattoo artist needs to go, and the ink that is used is also very different from a tattoo artist to avoid the blueing that happens over time with a regular tattoo.


If you look closely at the scalp of a shaven head, hair follicles look like small dots and lines. SMP utilises micro needles to replicate these dots and lines using a specialised technique to replicate your natural hair growth pattern. The SMP treatment is blended seamlessly into any existing hair, resulting in a completely undetectable result. For clients with longer hair, we would build up the density over time using micro dots so as to ease the transition and manage the change process.

You can return to work immediately after each treatment, and as each session adds a subtle layer of density, you can be confident that colleagues and friends will also adapt to your new look naturally too.  As excessive sweating of the scalp can cause the treatment to migrate, or not hold, we do advise to abstain from exercise for a  4 day period after each treatment.  You can return to light exercise after a 4 day healing period, and normal exercise can resume 10 days after treatment.

Depending on your skin type,  the colour of your scalp can vary after treatment. Usually, any redness will dissipate within a few hours and up to  24 hours after your SMP treatment. Some clients may experience redness for the following few days although this is quite rare.